Green Power Partners Presented Revolutionary New Product
at The Green California Summit Expo

Sacramento, California – April 26, 2017 – Green Power Partners is a cutting edge partnership, driven and united by one simple idea: to better society through providing eco-friendly products and services.  Since inception, GPP has been working to improve both the quality of life and the environment through increasing the use of renewable energy in the US.  Offering constant innovation and highly advanced technology, they have made incredible progress towards the goal of a green future, and they are introducing a new technology sure to redefine the capabilities of green technology.

Green Power Partners introduced a new product which promises technology and efficiency combined in a way never before seen in the green product industry.  The JouleBox®, manufactured by Eco-Gen Inc., is a highly advanced fuel-less hybrid generator that provides clean, green, base load power 24/7/365 without the use of fossil fuels. By coming alongside other green technologies, Green Power Partners desires to be part of the solution for California’s clean energy goals. The JouleBox® truly changes possibilities for the future of eco-friendly technology and advancement. This revolutionary product is the next evolution of green power.

The annual Green California Summit Expo was held at the Sacramento Convention Center, in California’s State Capitol. The Expo was formed to create a marketplace where attendees are able to not only receive educational information on upcoming advancements, but also have a chance to see new products first hand. The Green California Summit Expo has provided an event where members, innovators and leaders in the green technology movement can showcase new products and offer educational awareness on the subject. The Green California Expo launched their 11th annual event on April 26th, 2017.

Green Power Partners was honored with a feature presentation at this year’s Expo to introduce their revolutionary hybrid generator, the JouleBox®, to the eco-community. The hour-long presentation gave enthusiasts along with government officials, business leaders and students a first look at this amazing new technology, as well as a look into the many benefits of what this technology can offer to the world.

According to GPP CEO Allan Parent, “The California Green Expo has a history of presenting new and progressive products to the eco-community, so it is with great pride we are able to do the same here with this revolutionary new product.”

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