Maynard Reimer


Mr. Reimer is a consummate entrepreneur, with a diverse background in farming and commercial construction. Over the past 14 years he has built M44 Building Company, a North American company specializing in pre-engineered metal buildings and steel structures. Designing purpose-specific, quality buildings is Mr. Reimer’s specialty, and he brings his considerable experience to the supply and construction of the turn-key facilities for the JouleBox™ Hybrid Generator.

    Allan Parent


    Mr. Parent is an exceptional leader and visionary with extensive international marketing experience. With a reputation for fair and transparent business dealings, he has built effective teams capable of sustained business growth. Over the past 30 years, Mr. Parent has consulted to numerous corporate and government clients. He brings those negotiating skills and depth of experience to the development of the markets for the company, its partners, and associates.

      Colleen DeMaere


      Ms. DeMaere is an advocate of collaborative strategies for economic development in rural communities. Her experience with government and venture capitalists has given her valuable insights into the requirements for developing potential entrepreneurial initiatives. Supporting new business growth has been a focus of her career. Key areas of contribution include administration; oversight of government regulations, financial, and legal matters; and defining overall corporate direction.

        Terry Warren


        Mr Warren is a public relations expert and a pastor, with over four decades of experience in market management and branding. He worked with UNIDO in Austria and supported industrial development in Africa. In his public relations’ business he has delivered campaigns for notable figures such as the Michael Jackson family and top government agencies, including the White House. Dr. Warren has used his extensive influence to bring the JouleBox™ technology to senior governmental and industry leaders in Sacramento, Washington D.C., and the continent of Africa where he has spent 30 years building business relationships.

          Dr. Joel Christie

          Executive VP Corporate Development

          Dr. Joel Christie has over forty years of senior and executive management experience, specializing in Community Development and the management of strategic change in complex organizations. He has developed processes that re-align people and encourage effective resource management. Results have shown measurable increases in efficiency and innovation. By using visioning, program planning, and staff development courses and training, Dr. Christie helps the team become a stronger unit.

            Paul Grubb

            Executive VP

            Mr. Grubb understands the benefits of strong leadership, strategic planning, and innovation, having experienced the benefits of mentorship from industry experts in the mortgage and finance industries. He has experienced success in disparate fields of industry and served as a resource allocation, strategic planning and leadership development consultant within the nonprofit community. His communication, management and team development skills are extraordinary and have led to productive, positive results. Mr. Grubb has extensive experience with grant writing and his team provide both market data and timely reports on government grants and incentives for renewable energies. He maintains relationships with key industry stakeholders to support the company’s planning processes.

              Domie Quintana

              VP Sales and Marketing

              Mr. Quintana has invested his life’s energy, passion and purpose in people, training with accomplished motivational leaders, coaches and strategists. He has the ability to build successful teams, using his skills to support the teamwork essential to grow and expand the company from intention to fruition. His expert negotiating skills have been developed over 26 years, as he built significant strategic relationships across several continents. He works to make a positive difference for others, and attracts key professionals, brand ambassadors, and promoters to join his efforts.