Present the JouleBox® Hybrid Generator

A Better Way

Traditional energy is expensive, creates pollution and is not sustainable. Fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas incur fuel costs and create a carbon footprint. Nuclear power carries environmental risks, and the current renewable of wind, solar, and hydro are restricted by their very source. Now there is a better way.

Product Overview

The JouleBox® is a space saving, scalable, efficient, constant power generator which is ideal for commercial, industrial, and major energy consumption consumers. This state-of-the-art system, works without using any diesel or fossil fuel. The JouleBox® emits zero radiation, or other environmental pollutants.

Communities, industry, and property owners face tremendous challenges as they search for power solutions. The goals are to help the environment, expand distribution, and secure safe, reliable power for generations, but at a reasonable cost. Solar is expensive and the space requirements restrictive, not to mention the damage solar panels can cause in the fields and on rooftops, where access for repairs creates safety issues.

Now there is a solution…the JouleBox® Hybrid Generator. Each unit is 60kw and produces 525,600 kWh annually. Multiple units can be configured to meet any size for commercial application. The JouleBox® Hybrid Generator and just a few solar panels provide you with all the energy you need. You have your own generators on site that continually produce energy using a patent pending design that re-defines the way renewable energy is produced. This high-tech design uses a combination of conventional solar panels and an integrated hybrid generator system to provide power 24 hours a day, rain or shine.


The JouleBox® – the world’s only 24/7/365 Magnetic Engine Generator

From a commercial building that needs 60 kW to Distributed Generation Micro-Grid facilities that need multiple 50 MW plants, the JouleBox® Hybrid Generator is the answer. When analyzing the amount of energy needed there are several things to consider:

  1. Net Metering – Assess your annual kWh if you are on Net Metering – this is the ideal way to size your system;
  2. Peak Demand – Peak Demand can be handled by:
    1. Over-sizing the number of JouleBox® Hybrid Generators to meet Peak. Excess generation then needs to be dissipated through a resistive load bank.
    2. If use is less than 24 hrs. per day, we use Lithium Ion Battery Bricks to charge during off hours (night) to meet Peak Demand.

With a limited number of solar panels needed and the flexibility to install multiple JouleBox® Hybrid Generators either on the roof or the ground, “Going Green” makes sense for any commercial application. By decreasing expenses, commercial property owners increase the value of their property with higher CAP rates and in some instances, a monthly cost becomes a revenue stream.

Now you can be good to the environment and your bottom line at the same time!


Traditional solar systems only produce energy when the sun is shining, a few hours a day, and there are three fixed constants in hybrid solar energy: the sun, the PV equipment that turns solar energy into electricity and the turbine generators that produce electricity.

The amount of kWh produced per year by the JouleBox® is calculated as follows:

  • kW rating of the turbine generators times 24 hours in a day times 365 days in a year.
  • For the 60 kW system the equation is: 60 X 24 X 365 = 525,600 kWH annually.
  • There is a performance variance of +/- 5%.

There is a performance variance of +/- 5%.

  • Over 100 solar panels
  • Over 18,125 square feet
  • Over $1,047,000.00

To create the same annual production as one 60 kW JouleBox Hybrid Generator using only 39 square feet of space


Environmental cleanliness is a legitimate concern. Thus, Wind, Solar, and Geothermal are currently trending as the most desirable alternative energy options. However, no alternative is more viable than the JouleBox®.

Diesel and Fossil Fuel generators are unpopular polluters and, therefore, a less viable alternative than the JouleBox®.

The high cost of Solar Energy System installation coupled with its excessive space requirement, its reliance upon inherently limited solar irradiance, and an inability to increase the primary power source, makes Solar a less attractive energy production alternative when compared to the JouleBox®.

Energy produced by Wind and Water oriented systems must be delivered across high voltage lines which emit radiation and cost approximately $1-$2 million per mile to construct and maintain. Conversely, the JouleBox® creates clean power at or near the point of consumption and, therefore, is a better alternative.


Overall, there is a move toward greater energy independence. In part, this is due to geopolitical instability, currency concerns, and fear of terrorism or other organized efforts to intentionally interrupt the service utility companies provide consumers. Thus, there is growing appetite for decentralized energy production systems.

  • The JouleBox® Hybrid Generator can be connected in parallel clusters to create operational systems of varying capacities.
  • Multiple JouleBox® Hybrid Generators can be stacked to save space.
  • JouleBox® power plants can be constructed near substations in close proximity to the area where the power is most needed.


The standard Domestic sales price of the JouleBox® is Five Hundred Forty Nine Thousand-Nine Hundred Ninety Five USD ($549,995). By using incentives and tax credits, the purchaser may be able to recoup the capital investment in less than 2 years.


Eco-gen provides a Twenty (20) Year Manufacturer’s “Bumper to Bumper” Warranty on the JouleBox® and Associated Technology.


The high performance stability of the JouleBox® Hybrid Generator is achieved by rigorous quality standards and with exceptionally strict test criteria.

The manufacturer of the generator turbines has been certified by either the Small Wind Certification Council (“SWCC”) or a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (“NRTL”) as being tested in accordance with the International Electro Technical Commission 61400-2 (“IEC 61400-2”) standard or the American Wind Energy Association 9.1-2009 (“AWEA 9.1-2009”) standard.

The manufacturer also submitted a certified power curve that is tested in accordance with either the IEC 61400-12-1 standard or Section 2 of the AWEA 9.1-2009 standard, and is certified by the SWCC or a NRTL. Generator turbines rated as 60 kW will produce 60 kW in an hour’s time (within an acceptable equipment variance). The synchronous AC generators which produce electricity are turned by the motors, turbines and hydraulics of the JouleBox®™ Hybrid Generator.

Because of the highest quality manufacturing and engineering standards we feel the units will continue to perform as promised past these warranty periods.


Manufacturers of Components

UL Certification


The company is capable of manufacturing 500 units per month in the first year, ramping up to 10,000 units per month as markets open. Manufacturing facilities have been sourced world-wide.

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